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Bloating after a colonic...

Bloating after a colonic…

Sometimes when your bowel has been under pressure for a time a few things happen.
Gases build up as the congested waste matter ferments, and the excess waste puts the bowel under physical pressure.
During a colonic we help your bowel to release the waste matter and gases.
Afterwards it can take a little while for the bowel to relax properly back to it natural state and often there can still be gas trapped that starts to move.
The gas molecules become ‘excited’ and create pressure inside the bowel, a bit like shaking a bottle of fizzy pop, and it can take time to release and then for the bowel to relax back.

Muscles also use glucose and oxygen to function and excrete carbon dioxide and lactic acid as waste products.
If your bowel has been under pressure for a long time, it takes time for the carbon dioxide and lactic acid to be excreted and be replaced with the glucose and oxygen nutrients.
A bit like cramp in your leg can be a bit achy or sore for a time after the cramp has gone away.

That’s why sometimes your abdomen can feel bloated or grumpy afterwards, so drink plenty of warm fluid, eat a light diet and take a warm bath if you can.

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